Texas Bay Fishing

Drift and Wade Fishing for Speckled Sea Trout

The Speckled Sea Trout is one of the most dynamic gamefish swimming in the beautiful bays of the Texas Gulf Coast. Once they are located, the trout action can become non-stop. When the bite is hot, every cast can be met with a thump and the fight is on. From violent head shakes to dancing on the surface, even the smallest trout will do everything it can to free your hook from its signature yellow mouth. The Lower Laguna Madre is home to some of the best trout fisheries in the State of Texas, not to mention the odds of landing that elusive 30+ inch trophy fish is always better “down south”. Book now and see for yourself why Port Mansfield is truly the trout capital of Texas.

Bay Fishing for Red Drum

Red Drum, otherwise known as Redfish or Reds, are also found in the warm waters of the Lower Laguna Madre. Redfish are notorious for eating almost anything offered to them, making them prime targets for both live and artificial bait. Whether sight casting on the flats for lone cruisers or searching the Laguna for schools of slot reds feeding together, when a red drum takes your bait, you know you are in for a battle. Redfish are strong; and they love to peel drag off your reel as they make run after run trying to break your line or spit your hook. Once you’ve fought and landed one of these beautiful, powerful beasts, it’s easy to see why they are considered the premier inshore gamefish along the Texas Gulf Coast. Book now and come find out why oversized red drum are lovingly nicknamed “bulls”.

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